Digital calibration certificate

Digital calibration certificates (DCC) in XML format. The advantage: they can be read by machine, which increases efficiency and accuracy.


The digital calibration certificate

The "DCC" (digital calibration certificate) is an exchange format for calibration information based on the proven format "XML" (Extensible Markup Language). The advantage of this format is that both humans and machines can read it.

The XML schema of the "DCC" was developed under the leadership of the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) with the participation of numerous persons and organisations also outside the PTB. In several working groups, the development and use of the "DCC" is also being advanced together with international partners. Together with our partner Stotz Software, we at Kessler QMP have also taken up this topic and can already provide you with digital calibration certificates.


Advantages of the digital calibration certificate

  • No more manual data transfer necessary

  • Automatic transfer to the PMÜ

  • A DCC can transmit content in any number of languages (foreign translations can read the same document in their own language).

  • Graphical evaluations and trend analyses can be displayed very easily

  • High security, due to the digital signature of a DCC, subsequent changes are not possible

  • Large amounts of data possible, a DCC can become as large as desired


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