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Our core elements

  • Calibration

    Over 120 accredited physical measurands

  • Order measurement

    Carrying out complex measuring tasks

  • Test equipment management

    New procurement, laser engraving, PM maintenance

  • Solutions

    Customer-oriented solution concepts


Our measurands

We are a full-range supplier for a wide variety of measured quantities. Depending on the measurand, we can also perform the calibration at your site.

a) also on-site-calibration
b) also calibration in the mobile laboratory
c) only on-site-calibration

  • Length Dimensional quantities
  • Coordinate measuring technology Dimensional quantities
  • Angle Dimensional quantities
  • DC and low frequency quantities Electrical quantities
  • Time and frequency Electrical quantities
  • High frequency and radiation quantities High frequency quantities
  • Force, weight, torque, pressure, mass Mechanical quantities
  • Temperature quantities Thermodynamic quantities
  • Dimensional quantities: Length

    • Length gauges
    • Diameter b)
    • Form error
    • Length measuring instruments b)
    • Length measuring devices a)
    • Flatness a)
    • Straightness
    • Line scales, distances
    • Thread b)
  • Dimensional quantities: Coordinate measuring technology

    • Application coordinate measuring machines
    • Coordinate measuring machines c)
    • Gear measuring sizes
  • Dimensional quantities: Angle

    • Angle gauges
    • Inclination measuring instruments
  • Electrical quantities

    • DC voltage b)
    • AC voltage b)
    • DC current b)
    • AC current b)
    • DC resistance b)
    • Electricpower b)
    • VDE Measured variables
    • Time and frequency
    • Oscilloscope quantities
    • RF power
    • Reflectance measurands
    • Modulation measurands
    • Inductance, capacitance and AC resistance
    • Speed and belt tension
    • High voltage measured quantities
    • Thermo-Simulation
  • Electrical quantities

    • Frequency
    • Time interval
  • High frequency quantities

    • Oscilloscope quantities b)
    • Rise time b)
    • Band width b)
  • Mechanical quantities

    • Force
    • Weighing instruments a)
    • Torque a), b)
    • Pressure a), b)
    • Mass a)
  • Thermodynamic quantities

    • Direct reading thermometers

Accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

Accreditation creates trust

DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 is the globally valid standard for laboratory accreditation in the field of testing and calibration. It sets out general requirements for competence, impartiality and for the uniform operation of laboratories and is applicable to all organisations that carry out laboratory activities.

The quality of all our services and the highest possible satisfaction of our customers are the focus of our daily work. Basic principles, such as the performance of calibrations in consistently high quality, are a prerequisite for all activities of the laboratory.

You can view the current annex to the accreditation certificate and the measurement parameters in the flexible scope of application here


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