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Permanent calibration laboratory

Dimensional, mechanical, thermodynamic and electrical measurands, all in one place, all from one source.

Calibration laboratory

Your advantages

In our permanent calibration laboratory in Friedewald, you can benefit from our complete range of measurands. Dimensional, mechanical, thermodynamic and electrical measurands, all in one place, all from one source. Here, the highest calibration requirements as well as the lowest measurement uncertainties are met.

Your advantages:

  • Benefit from an impressive variety of measurands
  • Calibration under controlled environmental conditions with high-quality standards
  • Efficient workflows guarantee short turnaround times, so that your recalibrated test equipment is ready for use again within the shortest possible time.
  • Measuring room 1 Coordinate Metrology & Optical Metrology
  • Measuring room 2 Length measuring equipment
  • Measuring room 3 Working Gauges & Dial Gauges
  • Measuring room 4 Working rules, tape measures
  • Measuring room 5 Gauge blocks
  • Measuring room 6.1 Mechanical measurements
  • Measuring room 6.2 Electrical measurements
  • Coordinate Metrology & Optical Metrology

    Coordinate metrology is the most accurate method for recording and measuring products and objects in their entirety. Within these procedures, different parameters of components, such as distances, diameters, angles, shape and position can be checked. The measurements are not only possible for standard geometries, but also for any free-form surfaces.

  • Length measuring equipment

    In this measuring room we calibrate your length measuring equipment with the highest precision. These include, among other things, indicating measuring devices, material measures, gauges and angles. Length measuring devices are used to a large extent in the entire production metrology.

  • Working Gauges & Dial Gauges

    Working jigs come in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes.

    For the calibration of thread gauges, for example, a thread scanner is used in addition to the usual three-wire method on a length measuring device. In addition to the usual flank diameter, this also provides information on the pitch and flank angle. For the area of dial gauges, several fully automatic dial gauge test stations are used, which determine and document all relevant parameters via a camera system.

  • Working rules, tape measures

    Rulers in various nominal lengths and designs are calibrated with the help of a tape measuring device. A minimum number of measuring points is distributed over the entire measuring range of the calibration object and the deviations are determined. The permissible limit values, which are used for the declaration of conformity, are evaluated based on the Directive 2014/32/EU Annex X MASS MEASURES (MI-008).

  • Gauge blocks

    Gauge blocks are high-precision measuring standards made of steel, tungsten carbide or ceramic.  They  are mostly used to calibrate calipers, outside micrometers, quick probes or as a high-precision material measure. To ensure that these measuring devices deliver representative and reliable measured values, regular calibration of these gauge blocks is recommended. As a recognized calibration laboratory, Kessler QMP has the expertise and the corresponding gauge block test stations. We calibrate for you in accordance with the standard according to VDI/VDE/DGQ 2618 sheet 3.1 within the various options.

  • Mechanical measurements

    How heavy, how much power, how much torque, how cold? The mechanical parameters are an important quality feature for quality assurance during production. Torques, forces, temperature and other variables are calibrated with the highest precision using various methods.

  • Electrical measurements

    Regardless of whether it is robust everyday technology or precise special devices, with the help of our standards we can calibrate almost any electrical measuring device efficiently and with the lowest measurement uncertainties. To do this, we use both high-quality standards from well-known manufacturers and structures and processes that we have developed ourselves.

Planning and procedure

Reaching the goal with the right strategy

  • 01

    Arrange appointment

  • 02

    Transport of the measuring equipment

  • 03

    Start of the calibration work

  • 04

    Creation of the calibration certificate

  • 05

    Return after calibration

  • 06

    Synchronisation of all customer data

Accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

Accreditation creates trust

DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 is the globally valid standard for laboratory accreditation in the field of testing and calibration. It sets out general requirements for competence, impartiality and for the uniform operation of laboratories and is applicable to all organisations that carry out laboratory activities.

The quality of all our services and the highest possible satisfaction of our customers are the focus of our daily work. Basic principles, such as the performance of calibrations in consistently high quality, are a prerequisite for all activities of the laboratory.

You can view the current annex to the accreditation certificate and the measurement parameters in the flexible scope of application here

Measurement strategy as an elementary building block

The goal is the strategy

Alignments, features and references determine the result and are discussed in detail with our customers to ensure their return requirements.


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